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Gershon Mosley's Influence On The Supreme Video

It is apparent in 2014 that skateboarding is following in the footsteps of Gershon Mosley. Documenting his entire career wearing nothing but a soaked pair of pants, Gershon was ahead of his time. An uncontrollable sweat problem like his would destroy most people's dignity, but Gershon was a visionary and turned it into his signature, being shirtless at all times. Supreme's new video Cherry embraces Gershon's vision, as one of the most unclothed videos in a while. Bill Strobeck and the Supreme crew clearly understood that there is no shame in being partially nude while skateboarding.

As my alcoholic uncle Vinnie would say, ''Everything makes more sense when you are naked in public.'' Here is a photo ode to the ambassador of the shirtless revolution, showing the direct impact of Gershon's behavior on the Supreme video. There is something beautiful about this that grown men will not admit.

Welcome to the future.

(Play simultaneously for the full experience)