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The following tricks could have catapulted these geniuses into sheer glory, but instead sent them into a downward spiral of failure. Here's the top 5 tricks that never went down.


Wolnei Dos Santos

Back in the early stages of carcass tossing, hailing from Brazil was Premium Wood rider Wolnei Dos Santos. Wolnei's claim to fame was confronting life ending curved rails with no hesitation. When he came across the handrail version of Stairway to Heaven, his blood started boiling and he couldn't help but put on one single pink knee pad. He ended up taking off the pad and proceeded to jump off the rail right into a tree, making you wonder if it would have been a better idea to keep the knee pad on. To make things even better, the attempts were amplified by Metallica's Harvester of Sorrow. (2:28) Wolnei Dos Santos was never seen again.



The search to be unique in skateboarding is something you can respect, seeing guys like Mike V or Richie Jackson is something we can all appreciate. When Ragdoll tried to hippie jump from board to board down El Toro, he thought he had finally found his way of expressing himself. But instead of looking like something fun and artistic, it looked more like Hulk Hogan threw him off the top rope at Wrestle Mania. (24:05)


Josh Kasper


Josh Kasper may have never reached the upper echelon of professional skateboarding, but for a brief instant he certainly let the world believe there was a bright future ahead of him. Regularly risking his life for a couple of pairs of D3's, things were going great for Josh until the day he tried to ollie off a 2 story building in the storm. Whoever decided to put a DJ under him created a horrible publicity stunt, and was the sole reason for the downfall of Josh Kasper. (1:06)


Matt Schlager


The fact that this 13 flat 13 was the biggest set of stairs anyone has ever laid eyes on wasn't enough for Matt Schlager, it was also pouring rain. This dude is clearly delusional, and his friends are even worse. If it was my friend I would do anything in my power to stop him from attempting this, but instead they cheered him all the way to guaranteed paralysis. Choose your friends wisely.


Dan Pageau

Dan Pageau made Montreal proud by pursuing his dreams, becoming pro for World Industries and making appearances in notable films such as Rodney Vs Daewon Round 2. When Dan decided it was time to bring his legacy to a new level, what better way than to sw fs boardslide El Toro. His thirst for fame made him attempt a 4 trick line up to it, incurring the biggest medical bills in the history of Canadian skateboarding. If only he would have stopped after that sw flip up the two stairs, Dan Pageau would be sipping champagne out of his yacht, but instead he's drinking Christmas dinner through a straw.

The quest for glory is a risky journey. As my alcoholic uncle Vinnie would say, it's all fun and games until you shit your pants.