Montreal's best/worst of 2013

Eric Riedl Hugo Balek Jake Johnson Josh Clark Lawrence Perez

Montreal skateboarding had a fluctuating year, gaining recognition one day only to suffer a loss the next. Here's our comprehensive list of the best/worst skateboarding moments of 2013.


Jake Johnson wallride

Jake Johnson shattered many Montreal skaters dreams this summer by wallriding the Place Des Arts double set. Executed under 6 tries with nearly no warm up, this was only one of many life enders Jake got while the GX1000 crew was in town. You'll have to wait for Garshell's full length video for proof. In case anyone has the idea to try and one up Jake, forget it, the spot got knobbed after the photo came out.

DC shoes drops their canadian skate program

DC Canada recently parted ways with most of their Canadian skate program. While this story is about a skate team being let go, it's also a story about Josh Clark, the greatest skate team manager who ever lived. Imagine when the Edmonton Oilers decided to drop their MVP, the biggest part of their team, the great one aka Wayne Gretzky. Well Josh Clark is to Canadian skate team management what Gretzky was to hockey. While most TM's are on their cell phones taking selfie's, Josh was bondo'ing the newest spot while planning a trip and cooking a gourmet meal for 10. Bs noseblunts and flawless budget plans, Josh did it better than anyone.


Hugo Balek moving out of his parents house

One of the most shocking moments of 2013 was the day scumlord Hugo Balek announced he would be moving out of his parents place. We truly thought World Peace would happen before Hugo could move away from his loving family. It was as probable as Arnold getting pregnant in that shitty movie Junior. The Montreal skate community needs to be strong and monitor Hugo's behaviour now that he lost the guidance of his mother. Together we are more likely to prevent unwanted pregnancy, face tatts, and eviction.


Big-O re-opening

While the city of Montreal is a hotspot for corruption and all you can eat buffets at strip clubs, it is also the home of one of the best natural skate spots in the world. In 2011 we almost lost one of our great wonders when the Olympic Stadium underwent some renovations. Well instead of buying a new Ferrari for their star player, owner Joey Saputo invested $100 000 to move and save the Big-O, showing major respect to our skateboard community.

Photo [o] Exposé Mag

LeDep goes out of business


LeDep, being the only legit skateshop Montreal has seen for the past 5 years, brought hope back to our local scene when they opened in December 2012. Unfortunately skate product sales weren't very abundant amongst the peace park crackheads, prostitutes and drug dealers. They were forced to shut their doors in October 2013, making chain store Empire the only retailer of skate hard goods in our city.


Riedl comeback


The local scene has been through some difficult times in 2012 with Riedl's absence from the skate world. But rest assured, Eric has officially laid off the cheeseburgers and made his comeback this summer. Despite the extra pounds he gained, Riedl still 3flips higher than you can ollie and has more style than Fabio in the I cant believe it's not butter commercials.


Lawrence bigspin front board

A year ago, Lawrence Perez turned some heads with the ground breaking release of his fs bigspin boardslide across the gigantic Taz pyramid rail. Well he has out done himself with a new clip that shocked more people than the tragic death of Paul Walker (rip). Lawrence put a lot of hard work and wax into this one . It leaves us all wondering; What's next?

Only one question remains; Who was more influential in 2013? Jake Johnson or Lawrence Perez?


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