The Influence of Eric Riedl on the Fashion World

Eric Riedl first introduced the grey kit to the world back in 2006. Over the years, many have tried to immitate Riedl's style, but very few achieved perfection the way Eric did. Below are some of the most memorable moments of Eric Riedl's influence on the fashion & entertainment industry. Always way ahead of the curve, and often overlooked, Dime is here for once and for all to proclaim Eric Riedl as one of the most influential fashion icons of this past decade.

To no surprise, Badgalriri was one of the first to acknowledge Riedl's vision. Here she is seen wearing the grey kit out on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden. October 24th, 2008.

Scandinavian superfashion house Acne attempted it but to no avail.

Acne, SS12

Kanye almost got away with it..why did he have to break the synergy with those...???

MJ hasn't yet been seen publicly sporting the full outfit, but the king pulled it off very well in the last Air Jordan campaign.

Notice the perfect shade of gray on the sneaks.

Some designers took Eric's vision a little too far.

Emporio-Armani, FW13

Nowadays, even skateboarders are following Riedl's footsteps

Shawn Powers, Palace

Photo [o] Allen Ying

After all these years, one must ask one simple quesion: "Who wore it best?" Answer: The instigator of the movement himself. The fashion god and style overlord, Eric Riedl.