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SPEED; There have been many takes on this subject over the years. Nobody has yet to acknowledge
Mike Vallely’s influence in this area. We, at Dime, think it’s time to revisit & pay tribute to the great master’s
work. Some may not agree but we are convinced that the release of Black Label’s Label Kills was a crucial 
moment in skateboarding’s history.

Mike Vallely’s emotionally charged part demonstrates his hatred of Ronson Lambert while securing his
position as the gnarliest skateboarder who ever lived. We hope this humble homage to Mike V will
give YOU the NEED 4 SPEED.

untitled from Dime Mtl on Vimeo.


Now that we’ve established our position regarding Mike, we’re proud to release this item online prematurely.
We’re also introducing a fast new shipping option; Mike V shipping (next day delivery) highly recommended