Olympic stadium

The Olympic Stadium is home to the Big-O and much more stuff to skate. This place is usually no kick-out, except when skating on the roof.

Location: Pie-IX blvd/ Pierre-de-Coubertin avenue
Pie-IX metro Station
Viau metro station

Barry Walsh and Marc Tison - photo Dan Mathieu

The Big-O is on Viau st / De Marseille, right by the soccer field.

Hugo Balek, Fs feeble - photo Kasey Andrews

Ledges and wallrides. Pie-IX blvd / Sherbrooke st.

Big white bank down the path from the wallrides.

16 stairs hubba

Jesse Landen, 5050 - photo Dan Mathieu

*The stadium is currently under construction, this bump to green rail and a few other spots aren't skateable*