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Unfortunately there is no more boundaries to what can be done on a skateboard, therefore we have become desensitized to the evolution of it all. The following skaters have shown an instinctive aptitude to step away from this downward spiral of boredom;  incorporating objects into their everyday trick selection. Dime presents: Skateboarding's World of Flair.


Forget learning that new many trick and buy yourself a pack of cigarettes. Using tobacco while skateboarding will increase your chance to reach the goals that you have set for yourself. Do you remember that 10 year old child who did a 900? Me neither. Too bad he wasn't old enough to smoke cause a 900 with a cigarette would have made you say Tony who?


Whether it be a sweat issue or an uncontrollable fapping disorder that forced Sad and Lucas Puig
to hold a towel in their hand, the result is phenomenal. 


While who's his face is doing nollie flip back over crooks down handrails to have you scream once and forget within the next 10 seconds, the muska came threw with a crooked grind down a skatepark handrail holding a boom box that haunted your consciousness for the next 15 years. Chad also wore a backpack. General rule in life, 2 for 1 is always better.